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The Primerus Defense Institute (PDI) is a collaborative endeavor engaging Primerus defense attorneys and corporate defense representatives for the purpose of lowering business litigation costs and reducing exposure to liability. Attorneys and clients work together in a highly cooperative, low-pressure environment that leads to relationships built on trust. Participating corporate clients are leaders in their respective industries, and participating defense attorneys, like all Primerus attorneys, meet the highest of quality standards.

The PDI is a valuable resource for corporations seeking outside counsel in distant jurisdictions. That’s because the PDI alliance is a global network of over 600 of the finest independent defense lawyers with expertise in nearly every aspect of corporate defense litigation. The PDI makes it easy to find highly skilled, seasoned litigation counsel around the world. The PDI provides continuing legal education in the areas of liability avoidance and litigation management. Corporate defense counsel and their clients participate in an annual Convocation to explore, discuss and share best practices in reducing risk, handling claims and defending lawsuits.

Muliha Khan

Muliha Khan

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Law, Arbitration Law, Arson and Insurance Fraud Law, Civil Litigation Law, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation Law, Construction Defects Law, Construction Law, Construction Liability Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Environmental Law, Environmental Litigation Law, Insurance Bad Faith Law, Insurance Coverage Law, Insurance Defense Law, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Labor and Employment Law, Litigation, Mediation Law, Natural Resources Law, Personal Injury Defense Law, Premises Liability Law, Product Liability Law, Professional Liability Law, Transportation Law, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Law
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