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Donato, Brown, Pool & Moehlmann PLLC Firm Overview

Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann is a firm that concentrates on handling large, complex cases. They are experienced trial lawyers with a proven record at the courthouse. The firm has embraced the latest technology in document management and trial presentation software. Their continuing commitment to technology allows them to efficiently handle cases nationwide. They do not compete with larger firms; larger firms compete with them.

The lawyers at Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann blend their diverse talents to handle a wide range of civil litigation. The firm has an active insurance practice. They also represent large corporations directly in catastrophic and non-catastrophic cases. They are proud to include among their clientele major insurers, utilities, refineries, petrochemical facilities, and trucking firms.

The firm handles large loss subrogation cases, for both domestic and international insurers. The firm has lawyers with invaluable engineering expertise. They have been successful in obtaining many multi-million dollar settlements in subrogation cases. They have also obtained multi-million dollar judgments for their clients when they have been unable to settle cases reasonably.

Their case handling philosophy is simple. The client, after consultation with the firm, chooses the lawyer in the firm best suited to handle each individual case. Their clients are not forced to deal with inexperienced associates with whom they are unfamiliar. They investigate and evaluate cases rapidly and accurately. They attempt to resolve cases on a fair and equitable basis as soon as possible, with minimal expense to clients. They are trial lawyers, not litigators. If a fair and equitable settlement cannot be reached, they are ready, willing, and able to take a verdict. Their lawyers are not only willing to try lawsuits, they enjoy the battle. They handle their own appeals and their success rate is outstanding. While they cannot guarantee a win in every case, they can guarantee that their clients will enjoy the fight.