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6 Pillars

Soon after Primerus was founded in 1992, the organization adopted the “Six Pillars,” a concept upon which our mission was built.

In effect, the Six Pillars serve as the soul of Primerus, representing a vow of integrity in all dealings and a commitment to excellence in work product. The concept also embodies a promise of proficiency at a reasonable legal cost, a belief in the importance of civility, and a desire to perform acts of community service.

Collectively, the Six Pillars gave rise to our first trademark: “Good People Who Happen to Be Good Lawyers,” an eight-word phrase that will forever identify us as an organization dedicated to the principles of character, capability, and commitment.

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1. Integrity

As one of the Six Pillars of Primerus, the concept of integrity is the link between honesty and trust that is at the heart of every meaningful relationship on a personal and professional level.

In essence, integrity serves as our moral compass to do what is right and to reject that which is wrong, regardless of the consequences attached to such decisions.

The word takes on added meaning in the legal profession, where honesty, reliability, loyalty, and good judgment are character traits especially valued in developing trust.

Becoming trustworthy, of course, is a long-term proposition, earned by repeatedly delivering on your good deeds and forthright actions. It is framed within the context of communicating openly and honestly and by displaying a willingness and desire to stand up for the truth whatever the cost.

And, as has been often said, “trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

The same can be said of integrity, which forever will be the benchmark of those whose character and behavior are above reproach.

2. Excellent Work Product (Quality)

It has been said that accountability drives quality, which is another way of saying that excellence and value are the twin yardsticks of the second pillar of Primerus.

Quality is a distinguishing characteristic that is the product of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It is always by design and never by accident.

As a character trait, quality is a measure of commitment, dedication, desire, and attitude. It also reflects a willingness to sacrifice for the common good, and to expect a level of excellence in everything undertaken.

In essence, quality is the standard by which our work is measured, and our character and commitment are judged.

3. Reasonable Fees/Value

Value is defined by commitment, knowledge, attitude, service, reliability, and respect. These are the six core characteristics that should serve as the guiding principles of your work life.

The third pillar of Primerus is the byproduct of time spent adding value to other people’s lives, displaying a desire to provide exceptional and trustworthy service in an ongoing effort to exceed client expectations. It is the personal touch that is applied at every turn and is evidence that “you don’t get paid for the hour; you get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”

In effect, value is a mindset that creates lasting worth and satisfaction and is a tangible benefit that can yield business dividends for years to come. It is at the heart of our commitment to charge fees that are fair and reasonable and are measured by their inherent worth.

4. Continuing Legal Education (Proficiency)

Continuing Legal Education, the fourth of the Six Pillars, revolves around developing proficiency in a skill or subject, a mastery gained through experience, dedication, and an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Proficiency goes hand-in-hand with value, and is the product of practice, born out of a thirst for learning and a desire for improvement. It is an artistry created by a determination to excel and a willingness to learn, qualities that only the finest in the legal profession possess.

5. Civility

The fifth of the Six Pillars of Primerus, Civility is centered around the principle of respect for others and the desire to promote behavior that enhances and improves public communication for the common good.

Civility is an expression of courtesy, politeness, dignity, and grace, and can serve as a means to influence the character of public discourse through our actions and conduct. When used properly, it has the power to promote understanding and to resolve conflict for the betterment of society.

6. Community Service

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” ~Winston Churchill

The enduring words of the late British Prime Minister serve as the cornerstone for the Sixth Pillar of Primerus – Community Service.

Volunteerism gives life meaning and is symbolic of service above self, producing untold social, career, and personal benefits. It also provides a sense of community and is emblematic of a desire to be kind, generous, and virtuous in every act and deed.

As members of the legal profession, we have a social responsibility to give back to our community, to make significant and continuing contributions for the betterment of society. It will promote a sense of purpose and will create a legacy of care and compassion to be admired and followed.