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6 Diamonds

1. Leveling the Playing Field

In the legal profession, size matters.

Which is why Primerus can help bring a sense of balance to the vastness of the legal marketplace, enabling law firms of various sizes the opportunity to compete on an equal footing with the giants of the profession while remaining nimble enough to still offer a personal touch.

As part of an international alliance of law firms, Primerus members are connected across a global platform by the quality of their reputation and individual expertise. The bond is cemented by an underlying commitment to honesty and integrity, and a belief that character and capability will forever matter.

With Primerus, members enjoy the advantages of a large firm in terms of scope and reach without sacrificing the flexibility afforded those dedicated to providing exceptional client service at a reasonable rate.

2. Quality Face Time with Clients

The legal profession is a personal service profession and depends on building lasting relationships with clients. Primerus provides its members with numerous opportunities to develop these relationships, not only with other Primerus members, as referral sources, but also with prospective high-quality clients. Members can connect with each other and with clients throughout the year at in-person and virtual events designed to provide ample opportunity to develop lasting relationships and friendships. For many years, Primerus has been a sponsor and maintains a close relationship with the Association of Corporate Counsel, the largest organization of corporate counsel in the world with over 45,000 members. The advantages of the sponsorship by Primerus are passed along to its members, giving them access to the ACC’s events and members — access that many smaller firms simply could not afford. In addition, Primerus members have many ways to showcase themselves and their expertise to clients through the numerous Primerus publications, webinars and speaking opportunities at events throughout the year. The Primerus Client Resource Institute, comprised of in-house counsel, provides further connections between Primerus members and corporate counsel who have already committed to working with Primerus attorneys.

3. Active Membership in Primerus Community

The world of Primerus is bound together by a sense of community, reflected by the 40 different organizations that are woven into the fabric of our international alliance. Those organizations include various institutes, practice groups, sections, committees, and boards as well as a partnership with the Association of Corporate Counsel, all serving as models of a unique culture built upon shared values and a high level of trust.

The Primerus community also embraces diversity and inclusion and encourages the development of relationships in which common objectives, interests, and purposes can be met in an environment that promotes a spirit of goodwill.

4. Taking Advantage of Primerus Resources

Like any business enterprise, law firms need to be resourceful in order to compete successfully in the marketplace. Primerus helps provide a competitive edge by offering its members the resources and visibility usually reserved for only the largest and most prominent firms in the world.

As part of an international alliance of law firms, Primerus members can rely on the marketing muscle of a highly respected organization that is international in scope, providing a global platform to attract new clientele. In effect, Primerus operates as a marketing, branding, and communications consultant to each member firm, opening up a world of new business possibilities that now are within economic and technological reach.

5. Unique Brand-Building

The goal of brand-building is to develop an awareness about your law firm by using marketing strategies and campaigns that will create a unique and lasting image in the legal marketplace.

Primerus offers the promotional experience and expertise to do just that, serving as your business development partner and global ambassador in distinguishing your brand from others. In short, we will provide the blueprint for how you want the world to view your business, supplying a range of marketing services that will add another dimension to your ability to attract new clients.

6. Global Platform

As an international society of law firms, Primerus offers its members a global reach that opens up a world of opportunities to expand your business.

This global platform has been built through our expansion to more than 40 countries around the world, connecting high-quality law firms that can provide diversified legal services to a broader base of clientele. Primerus members now have the privilege of operating on a world stage, sharing knowledge and resources with trusted partners dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of the legal profession.