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Accreditation Board

The Primerus Accreditation Board is an independent body charged with the review of each prospective member’s qualifications to ensure that it will meet the high standards and code of professional conduct required of all Primerus members. Membership in Primerus is conditioned on the Accreditation Board’s review and approval of the applicant’s credentials, reviews, malpractice history and references. The Accreditation Board also addresses any issues that arise with members, including the resolution of disputes among members and infractions of Primerus standards and regulations. The Accreditation Board has the authority to take corrective action for those falling short of their responsibilities as Primerus members, including, where required, the termination of membership privileges for any member that does not adhere to the highest standards required of all Primerus members.

Quality Assurance Board

The Quality Assurance Board was established to assist Primerus in the governance of the professional responsibilities of Primerus firms, review and enhance the performance of member firms, identify mechanisms by which to facilitate client matter referrals and to identify best practice standards, systems, opportunities, and procedures and make such recommendations to Primerus and the Board of Directors toward that end. The QAB identifies and provides the procedures, mechanisms, systems, and tools by which to make the already high quality Primerus member firms even more qualitative and innovative for the benefit of clients and the legal industry, thereby distinguishing Primerus firms from other law firms. Current initiatives of the QAB include the institution of cybersecurity standards for all member firms and the identification and implementation of measures to improve the quality of life for attorneys, on both the professional and personal level.

Quality Assurance Board Video

Quality Assurance Board Referrals Video

Quality Assurance Board Quality of Life Video


Community Service Board

The Primerus Community Service Board brings together those members who are passionate about giving back. This Board encourages the sharing of community service ideas and coordination of joint community service initiatives. At each Primerus event and conference, members and clients participate in community service projects, such as volunteering at local food banks, building bicycles for elementary school kids, packing weekend meals for kids in need and reading to young students. The Community Service Board also coordinates the annual “Global Day of Service,” where Primerus firms all over the world unite to work on a common service project, such as the elimination of world hunger. Members’ commitment to building a healthier global community embodies the founding motto of Primerus, “Good People Who Happen to Be Good Lawyers.”

Primerus Pillar of Community Service - The Global Day of Service December 5 

Primerus - April 19, 2023 Community Service Webinar 

Primerus Ambassadors

The Primerus Ambassadors are a collection of Primerus members who support others within the membership in many ways. The group’s main initiative is to offer a mentorship program that pairs long-standing Primerus members with new members.  Throughout the early years of membership, Ambassadors provide their mentees with the resources and introductions that will help them optimize their membership.   Ambassadors serve as sounding boards to answer questions and help the new member navigate his or her way through the various opportunities provided by Primerus.  Since long-term success as a Primerus member is directly tied to involvement and the development of relationships, the Primerus Ambassador program is critical to the establishment of the connections with other members and the integration of newer members into the Primerus community.

Ambassadors Video