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Houston Insurance Defense Attorney

The Houston insurance defense attorneys of Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann have a proven track record of success representing some of the largest insurance providers. The firm represents domestic and international insurers, and is capable of handling all types of bad faith claims no matter how large or complex the case may be. The Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann team of Houston insurance lawyers bring diverse backgrounds that include experience in a variety of industries including refineries, power generation facilities, and chemical plants. Speak with a professional Houston insurance defense lawyer for cost-effective solutions from a trusted legal advisor.

Highly Experienced Houston Insurance Defense Attorneys

The Houston insurance defense attorneys at Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann strive for early involvement while representing insurers. This involves prompt notification from the client, which enables the firm's bankruptcy team to preserve valuable evidence. With great attention to detail and the assistance of experts in the field, the attorneys of the firm are committed to accuracy and ensuring the cost to the client is kept to a minimum. By maintaining a small and personalized practice, the firm's Houston insurance lawyers are able to represent clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The insurance attorneys of Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann offers extensive knowledge and experience on a number of different insurance polices, some of which include:

  • Auto Liability Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • First and Third Party Insurance Defense
  • Property Insurance
  • Environmental Insurance

Houston Insurance Defense Lawyers With Vast Expertise

The Houston insurance law firm of Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann has a wide roster of insurance clients, including a variety of credible companies from all over the United States. The firm's track record of successful defense cases includes insurance coverage arbitration, Surgical Assistant Malpractice Claim, and negligent dispatch/failure to render aid. These are just a few examples of how the Houston insurance defense attorneys can bring vast experience and expertise in an array of coverage disputes.

Client Focused Insurance Lawyers In Houston Texas

The case handling philosophy of Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann is simple. The client, after consultation with the firm, chooses the Houston insurance lawyer in the firm best suited to handle each individual case. Clients of Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann are not forced to deal with inexperienced associates with whom they are unfamiliar. The firm's team of Houston insurance defense lawyers investigate and evaluate cases rapidly and accurately. Additionally, attorneys of the firm attempt to resolve cases on a fair and equitable basis as soon as possible, with minimal expense to their clients.

Houston Insurance Defense Lawyers With Cutting Edge Technology

The Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann insurance lawyers in Houston utilize cutting edge technology to help meet the challenges of each client. The firm has adopted all of the latest technology dealing with document management and trial presentation software. This enables the firm's Houston insurance defense team to organize, summarize, display and access information in a fraction of the time.

Highly Skilled Houston Insurance Lawyers

Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann is a Houston law firm that concentrates on handling large, complex cases. The firm's insurance attorneys, as well as other members of the firm, are experienced trial lawyers with a proven record at the courthouse. The firm has embraced the latest technology in document management and trial presentation software, and that continuing commitment to technology enables the firm to efficiently handle cases nationwide. At Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann, the firm has broad clientèle roster including major insurers, utilities, refineries, petrochemical facilities, and trucking firms. Speak with a Donato Brown Pool Moehlmann Houston insurance defense lawyer for exceptional representation from a trusted advisor.

Donato, Brown, Pool & Moehlmann PLLC attorneys practicing in the area of Insurance Defense Law: