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Hospitality and Retail - Cross Border

This IPC competence cluster has one consistent theme: delivering products and services to service-oriented clients with sometimes high demands. Hospitality includes hotels, resorts, conference centers, event venues, restaurants, bars, cafés, golf courses, etc. Retail can be any retail business, small or large, as well as wholesale, agents, distributors, retail chains, supermarkets, online stores, etc. In fact, anyone professionally selling to consumers, regardless of the nature of the product.   The cluster is focused on a sector, not an area of law. It comprises all areas of law needed to serve clients at the highest level. This includes general corporate-commercial and sector specific aspects such as franchise/agency/distribution contracts, product liability, and rental of retail and hospitality space. Liability issues, protection of trademarks and designs, and the extra protection consumers enjoy are of importance to all of them.  

For whom is this cluster relevant?  Any Primerus lawyer who has clients in the Hospitality & Retail sector (whether or not the brand is internationally known) is invited to participate.