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Small to medium-sized businesses

Why Primerus for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Primerus is an ideal solution to meet the legal needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses that are owner-managed and do not have their own in-house counsel.

We consist of more than 150 of the World’s Finest Law Firms, meticulously vetted for integrity and quality to provide concierge, partner-level services at half the cost of Big Law.

Our global reach, trusted advisors, and strategic partner programs provide a unique combination of services seldom found in any law firm, regardless of size. It is like having that very special lawyer and close friend at your side — a trustworthy confidant who knows your business as you do. That person is part of the Primerus Society of Law Firms that operates in more than 40 countries with an abundance of experts and resources available on a moment’s notice to help meet every legal need and challenge faced by your business.

Best of all, this unique Primerus brand of concierge service is available at a modest monthly flat rate, designed specifically for the small- to medium-sized owner-managed businesses. A reasonable hourly fee is charged only for special legal work requiring a substantial number of attorney hours.

Let Primerus help you enhance the quality of your legal services while also reducing your overhead through lower legal costs.