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Corporate Counsel

Why Primerus for Corporate Counsel

We consist of 150+ of the World’s Finest Law Firms, meticulously vetted for integrity and quality, to provide concierge, partner-level service at half the cost of Big Law.

Clients, you can join the Primerus Client Resource Institute (PCRI) at no cost and let Primerus do the research for you to find not just the right lawyers but the right person for what you need. If one of our member firms cannot meet your needs, our research group will find a law firm that can. Primerus does not just find the right law firm, but we also monitor its performance throughout the relationship, so you don’t have to. Your job as corporate counsel is demanding enough. Why spend your time Googling law firms, and even then, can you really be certain? If you need lawyers in foreign countries, Primerus has members in more than 40 countries and non-member law firm resources throughout the world.

If saving time and money is not enough, what about your peace of mind? Let Primerus help you manage your outside counsel needs.