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Start-up business

Why Primerus for Start-up Businesses

Primerus is an ideal solution to meet the legal needs of start-up businesses that are owner-managed and do not have their own in-house counsel.

We consist of 150+ of the World’s Finest Law Firms, meticulously vetted for integrity and quality, to provide concierge, partner-level services at half the cost of Big Law.

Our global reach coupled with our trusted advisor and strategic partner programs provide a unique combination of services seldom found in any law firm, regardless of size.

Primerus has the unique capability to provide a team of legal advisors to offer guidance in developing a business plan, securing financing, hiring personnel, and assisting with your marketing, tax preparation, and regulatory compliance needs.

Let Primerus help you enhance the quality of your legal services while also reducing your overhead through lower legal costs.