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Family and personal clients

Why Primerus for Family and Personal Clients

We consist of 150+ of the World’s Finest Law Firms, meticulously vetted for integrity and quality, to provide concierge, partner-level services to clients with family and personal needs.

Just as individuals rely on a primary care physician for basic medical needs, each family should have a trusted attorney they can contact to handle assorted legal matters. These may include buying a house, starting a business, preparing a will, or dealing with thorny tax and insurance issues. Developing such legal arrangements, which can be performed on a reasonable monthly or quarterly fee basis, will offer the added benefit of providing a level of comfort when the time comes to properly address routine or unexpected needs.

Why Primerus? It’s a question we can answer in a direct way, simply by inviting you to let us help find just the right law firm for your family and personal needs.