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In the United States, our economy is largely built upon the buying and selling of consumer goods and services. The companies that sell these goods and services include retailers, hotels and restaurants and clubs. In addition, these entities deal with a multitude of vendors to help them deliver what they are selling. Members of the Premises Liability Defense – Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment Liability practice group have active practices in these sectors.

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Christian B. Stegmaier

ChairChristian B. Stegmaier (view profile)

1330 Lady Street
Sixth Floor
Columbia, SC 29201
United States
Phone: 803.256.2660

James H. Whalen

Committee MemberJames H. Whalen (view profile)

230 West Monroe Street
Suite 2260
Chicago, IL 60606-4703
United States
Phone: 312.448.6230

Justin T. Saar

Committee MemberJustin T. Saar (view profile)

5422 Bay Center Drive
Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33609
United States
Phone: 813.223.5111

John D. Dahlberg

Committee MemberJohn D. Dahlberg (view profile)

155 Sansome Street
Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States
Phone: 415.397.2700

Chandler D. Atkins

Committee MemberChandler D. Atkins (view profile)

1034 South Brentwood
Suite 2100
St. Louis, MO 63117
United States
Phone: 314.421.1850

Michael O. Smith

Committee MemberMichael O. Smith (view profile)

322 West Lincoln
Royal Oak, MI 48067
United States
Phone: 248.544.1100

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