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New Orleans Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy laws in New Orleans, Louisiana can be complex, as they are governed by both the state and federal governments. There are also bankruptcy exemptions with assets that may be protected under certain bankruptcy law. Chapter 11 bankruptcy was designed to allow corporations to reorganize their debts in order to repay them and stay in business. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually considered one of the most flexible types of bankruptcy protection in Louisiana.

Even large businesses with massive debt loads are able to file under Chapter 11 for reorganization, as there is no limit to the amount of debt. The highly esteemed bankruptcy lawyers at New Orlean's law firm Gordon Arata are experienced in representing businesses and creditors in various bankruptcy issues. The firm specializes in legal areas involving workouts, repayment plans, out of court reorganization plans, and Chapter 11 business bankruptcy in New Orleans.

Representation From a New Orleans Bankruptcy Law Firm

The corporate bankruptcy law firm at Gordon Arata in New Orleans, Louisiana combines a cross-section of bankruptcy lawyers experienced in corporate bankruptcy law, commercial litigation, banking, secured transactions, and general business law. Representing both large-scale creditors and commercial debtors, the New Orleans bankruptcy attorneys at Gordon Arata offer solutions that work for clients.

Through coordination with litigation, corporate finance and real estate groups, the New Orleans bankruptcy attorneys at Gordon Arata implement solutions that best fit the long-term concerns of their clients. From small businesses to major energy companies, these commercial bankruptcy law professionals represent creditors and debtors involved in a wide range of bankruptcy cases. In many cases, corporate bankruptcy is the best solution. However, Gordon Arata's bankruptcy lawyers will also help your Louisiana corporate business explore all options, such as:

  • Workouts
  • Payback Plans
  • Out of Court Reorganization
  • Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy
  • Debt Resolution
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Bankruptcy Collections
  • Bankruptcy Taxation
  • Bankruptcy Foreclosure

Get Debt Relief Through a Bankruptcy Lawyer in New Orleans

Because cases frequently include complex and overlapping issues, the New Orleans bankruptcy attorneys at Gordon Arata have knowledge and experience in different practice areas and often combine their efforts to offer clients quality legal representation. Each team is headed by a lead attorney who is charged with knowing the status of each matter and notifying the client of any significant developments. The result is that their clients receive quality and cost-effective representation.

Gordon Arata: Commercial Bankruptcy Law

For more than a century, the attorneys at Gordon Arata in New Orleans have produced a hard-working partnership dedicated to providing the best in legal representation and counseling on bankruptcy laws in New Orleans. Gordon Arata attorneys handle corporate law, real estate law, admiralty & maritime, products liability, insurance and professional liability; transportation, environmental, and oil and gas; bankruptcy, tax and estate planning; and entertainment/sports law internationally.

Gordon Arata's commercial bankruptcy attorneys take pride in their professional abilities, dedication and attention to clients' interests. These New Orleans bankruptcy attorneys are also involved in a wide range of community services and projects in New Orleans. Gordon Arata is committed to these values and will continue to deliver the services and results that clients have come to expect. With offices in Baton Rouge and downtown New Orleans near the federal and state courthouses, Gordon Arata bankruptcy lawyers can provide a broad regional reach on the Gulf Coast.

Gordon Arata attorneys practicing in the area of Bankruptcy Law: