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Why Primerus for International Law Firms

Why Primerus for International Law Firms

Primerus is where clients turn when they need a quality lawyer. That’s because clients know our member firms act with integrity and knowledge and have the skills to deliver the gold standard in legal excellence.

We consist of 150+ of the world’s finest law firms, meticulously vetted for integrity and quality, providing concierge, partner-level service at half the cost of Big Law.

As a standalone international law firm, you operate at a distinct disadvantage when competing against large firms for cross-border legal work. You are an unknown quantity to premier foreign clients who are hesitant to take a chance on you. They believe it is safer to hire the big name.

That is where Primerus can help.

We open doors that otherwise would be slammed shut for small- and medium-sized international business law firms. We have law firms in more than 40 countries around the globe, each with an excellent reputation for delivering results. We also have many major corporate clients in our Primerus Client Resource Institute who are looking for an alternative to Big Law and their high fees.

Primerus has the extensive local resources you want, coupled with the global reach you need.

Come join us.