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Succession Law Practice Group

The Primerus Succession Law Practice Group was created to bring together top quality Primerus attorney’s from all over the world with special expertise and substantial practice in succession law – of both estates and businesses, and to create and develop a professional network with two objectives:

  1. to pool the knowledge of the members’ succession law practitioners by creating a platform to exchange relevant information on succession issues; and
  2. to have top quality attorneys available when you need assistance locally, regionally or internationally with a case.

The group is comprised of inheritance law practitioners (common law countries) or specialists (civil law countries).

Succession Law Overview:

Today, wealth is increasing both in families and family business structures. Wealth and assets are often held across international boundaries. These assets may be held in companies or by individuals and other legal entities. When it comes to succession, many internationally related topics and comparative law issues have to be addressed.

Succession law is a highly specialized area which is essential for business clients as well as for private clients. Succession law becomes relevant inter vivos in estate planning scenarios as well in relation to death and family succession planning in medium to large family businesses. Post mortem succession law is of crucial importance in probate proceedings, contentious probate litigation and disputes between heirs, legatees and persons with legitimate interests in the estate.

Areas of practice include:

Planning inter vivos:

  • Drafting of wills, Powers of Attorney, living wills, guardianship documents;
  • Succession and asset planning for individuals;
  • Succession planning for medium and large family businesses, “passing on” the family business or preparing the business for optimal asset realization in the event of death by the principal/majority shareholder; and
  • Trusts

Succession post mortem:

  • Probate or other court proceedings in relation to the administration and settling of the estate;
  • Court procedures in relation to the recognition of foreign wills, certificates of inheritance or grants of representation (probate or administration);
  • Contentious probate litigation;
  • Disputes between heirs, legatees and persons with legitimate interests in the estate; and
  • Tax and duty issues connected with successions.

When faced with an international case that crosses jurisdictional lines, attorneys will be able to draw on the knowledge of their Primerus colleagues and rely on their support.