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Government Relations Practice Group

The creation and implementation of state and federal laws has become increasingly complicated, and businesses with an interest in drafting legislation or modifying existing laws and regulations today seek legal advisors whose experience working with the U.S. Congress and/or state and local governments equips them to provide strategies that can achieve well-conceived legislative and administrative solutions as needed.

Corporations, non-profit, humanitarian, governmental and other types of organizations utilize the services of Primerus members to advocate before a wide range of federal, state and local governments. Located in nearly all 50 states across the country, Primerus firms are able to lobby effectively before lawmakers whether in Washington, D.C., their state capitals, or before their local city councils.  Further, the Primerus network includes U.S. (and international) firms with widely divergent practice areas, whose disparate backgrounds and experiences greatly inform the work of their government relations teams.  For example, Primerus firms practice in bankruptcy and contract law, cyber security and data privacy, international trade and intellectual property, as well as in labor relations, real estate, and healthcare law, among others.  This breadth of knowledge across a range of complex practice areas enables the Primerus government relations teams, where beneficial, to vet complicated issues carefully among the Primerus  membership.  This helps ensure that the Primerus firms’ legislative and regulatory proposals are as well-conceived and effective as possible when presented to government decision makers for final consideration.

The types of services offered by Primerus government relations attorneys include:

  • Advocating for clients’ policy positions before federal and state legislatures;
  • Drafting testimony and preparing witnesses to testify in hearings before the U.S. Congress,  state and local governments, and administrative agencies;
  • Providing legislative language key to the creation or modification of laws and regulations;
  • Providing counsel regarding the rules and procedures of the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and various legislatures;
  • Developing local and national coalitions to interact with federal, state and local governments, regulatory bodies, and the media;
  • Guiding funding requests through federal and state governments’ appropriations processes; and
  • Advising on compliance with the ethical and legal requirements that govern lobbying, including  the filing of reports on lobbying activities, political contributions, and related matters.