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Martin George & Co. Firm Overview

Martin George & Co. Staff Photo

Martin George & Co. has been in existence for more than 22 years and during this time they have established themselves as an effective, results-oriented, client-focused and success driven firm which has represented from the smallest individual to the largest corporations and has done so with a quiet, discreet efficiency and in a courteous, prompt and reliable manner which their clients have grown to trust and respect. Most of their business comes from referrals from clients whom they have worked for and it is their constant commitment to continue to strive and live up to the quality and standards which clients from all over have come to expect of them. The firm is currently comprised of three Senior Attorneys two Legal Assistants and their Executive and Professional support staff including a personal Assistant, Executive Assistant and Administrative support staff and law Clerks and their Independent Support Team includes -:Title Search Clerks, Bailiffs, Justices of the Peace, Private Investigators, Valuators, Surveyors and Process Servers. Martin George & Co. offers a seamless, full service operation to their clients and because of their smaller size, they are able to offer a flexibility, responsiveness and personalized service which is appreciated and endorsed by their loyal and faithful clientele.