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HJM Asia Law & Co LLC Firm Overview

HJM Asia Law & Co LLC is a boutique law firm in Asia with more than a decade of legal experience. HJM Asia Law combines an in-depth knowledge of Asian legal systems with the expertise, client service, and efficiency of a Western business operation.

Their law firm has full time dedicated and competent teams based in China and Singapore. In addition to their in-house team, they have over the years formed strategic alliances with various international law firms and have built and maintained good relationships with Chinese authorities.

Their firm believes in hiring the best qualified people to provide prompt and excellent services to their clients. Before accepting a mandate, they make sure they understand the structure and corporate objectives that their clients have in mind for both the short and long term. The success of their clients is also the firm's success.

They work hand-in-hand with their clients to provide a tailored service for each mandate. Each of their employees is fully dedicated to his assigned clients and keeps them up-to-date on the status of their respective projects anywhere in Asia, while at the same time pro-actively protecting their clients' interests. The firm values honesty and trust, and strongly believes that this is the foundation for a good and dedicated relationship between their clients and themselves.

They recruit staff with distinct career experiences in order to provide their clients with extensive exposure to various perspectives of Asia, more specifically, the Chinese culture, business mindset and philosophies. By bringing together a commercially and legally diverse team, they are able to develop innovative and business-savvy ideas for their clients.

Their firm believes in communication, thus they take time to engage in detailed discussions with their partners, clients and colleagues in order to clearly understand their goals, interests and strategies.