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AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC Firm Overview

AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC is an independent, dynamic, entrepreneurial, full-service boutique law firm based in Limassol, Cyprus with branch office in Athens, Greece and associates through their professional network in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, North America, Middle East and Asia. The firm's law practice is one of the new generations of Cyprus law firms, built on delivering meticulous personal attention and unflagging dedication to individuals and corporations seeking high quality legal services.

AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC focuses on areas of Cypriot law related to business activity and corporate law and is committed to providing its clients with outstanding, highly personalized, legal representation, in the areas of Commercial and Corporate, Renewable Energy, Trust and Asset Protection, Tax Planning, and Civil Litigation.

AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC offers its clientele the rich professional experience and combined legal skills of its qualified lawyers and highly qualified support employers. As a full-service Cyprus law firm, they provide a comprehensive range of superior quality legal services covering all legal areas, including registration of Cyprus companies, wealth management, corporate and fiduciary services in Cyprus and abroad.