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A big issue many people have when contemplating whether or not their elderly loved one is actually the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. They may have strong suspicions that abuse is occurring, but aren’t quite sure where the line is and when it would be an appropriate time to speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer about the situation. Below are two prime examples of nursing home abuse and if your elderly loved one becomes a victim in similar circumstances, you should speak to a nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your legal options.:

Nursing Home Abuse Example 1: An elderly man was admitted to a nursing home and the nursing home staff determined the man was at risk for falling. He was transported to his room and, shockingly, left alone. Less than an hour went by before he had fallen out of his bed. The man suffered a serious head injury and lay unconscious on the floor. Tragically, he died two days after this accident.

Nursing Home Abuse Example 2: An elderly woman was admitted to a nursing home facility after seeking medical treatment for breathing problems. Nursing home staff were instructed to administer prescription medication to the woman three times per day , every eight hours. Unfortunately, nursing home staff failed to wait eight hours between doses and the woman suffered an overdose and was in kidney failure. Tragically, she died a short time later.

It’s truly sad to know that if the nursing home staff in the two examples above had simply been more vigilant and done their jobs properly, maybe these two deaths likely could have been prevented.
In both of these heartbreaking examples, the families of the deceased victims pointed to the blatant negligence and safety violations of the nursing home staff as a basis for bringing their nursing home abuse wrongful death actions.

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