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Fowler Bell PLLC
Lexington, Kentucky

On behalf of Fowler Bell PLLC posted in Workers' Compensation Defense on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

While there is a heavy push for you to take responsible measures to protect your workers from danger, it is also their responsibility as employees to be aware of the dangers of their job and understand how to mitigate those risks with adherence to corporate policies. At Fowler Bell, we have helped many companies in Kentucky to effectively defend their stance in cases where an employee may have made a false or unfounded claim.

From the moment you hire your employees, you should look for individuals who are team players and show a commitment to maintaining your company's reputation and success. Often, these kinds of people are the workers who are the most willing to follow procedures that are designed to protect them and make their job more efficient and effective. According to, some of the behaviors that you should teach your employees from the beginning include the following:

  • You should encourage them to be aware of where emergency exits are around their workstation, as well as understand escape routes.

  • You should educate them on the importance of arriving at work well-rested and sober.

  • You should implement resources that will aid in reducing the stress of your employees. An example would be creating an ergonomic desk setting to make repetitive secretarial functions more efficient and comfortable.

  • You should allow your employees to take regular breaks to rejuvenate and refresh before returning to work.

  • You should provide hands-on training for the proper use of machinery and equipment.

By incorporating these behaviors into your training procedures, you can stress the importance of safety to your employees from the get-go. For more information about what to do if one of your employees has been injured at work, visit our web page.