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With over fifty years of global security, crisis management, and investigations experience, Polaris is an industry leader in the corporate risk management space. Clients in over 80 countries have relied on Polaris’ expert assessments, which scale to match the size, industry, market presence, and risk exposure of its clients – resulting in targeted, actionable reporting.

When providing investigative and intelligence services, Polaris strives to meet the high standard of its ethos:  Attentive. Nimble. Relentless. All intel analysts and investigators in the Polaris team make the same commitment: to be attentive, matching their services and solutions to the unique contexts and circumstances of our clients; to be nimble, always responding critically and thoughtfully to security challenges as they arise; and to be relentless, providing proactive, inexhaustible coverage, in the face of shifting risks. This commitment informs every investigation or intel engagement that Polaris undertakes, shaping our approach to due diligence matters, asset traces, brand protection investigations, know-your-customer or vendor screenings, targeted risk assessments, and intel reports. If you’d like more information on our services and approach, please visit us at