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Collins & Lacy, P.C. is working to combat growing health concerns in South Carolina with its employee wellness campaign, Live Well 24/7. Over the past year, employees of the statewide law firm have stepped more than nine million steps, lost more than 100 pounds, and the firm has provided employees with several health initiatives, including educational luncheons on weight management, nutrition, heart disease and stress management, gym membership discounts and motivating health and nutrition tips in a variety of formats.

With the help of Lexington Medical Center in the Midlands and Bon Secours St. Francis in the Upstate, Collins & Lacy employees received free health screenings that included cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure tests. Additionally, the Live Well 24/7 campaign included a firm-wide weight loss challenge and a steps challenge facilitated by Clark & Company Insurance. Along with the benefits of health and nutritional knowledge gained by employees, the Collins & Lacy team achieved the following:

  • In the nine-week steps challenge, employees stepped a total of 9,265,474 times.
  • The firm-wide weight loss challenge resulted in 100.5 pounds lost. Collins & Lacy awarded an iPad to Operations Coordinator Sean Wolff, who lost 26 pounds and an iPod to Paralegal Donna Rash, who lost 6.78 percent body fat.

“Live Well 24/7 not only helps our valuable team members remain healthy and happy, but it has larger implications for tackling obesity and other health issues plaguing our state,” said managing partner Gray Culbreath. “Our mission as a firm is to help South Carolina businesses stay in business, and wellness plays a huge role in that, both internally and externally.”

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