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Quality of Life Tips & Tricks

The Collaborative Approach

Developing mentor/mentee relationships in the workplace can have positive effects on mental health.

Studies show that formal and informal mentorship relationships help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve overall attitude, and assist employees in re-engaging in their workplace, for both mentor and mentee. Discussions between mentors and mentees allow colleagues to share common experiences, discuss ways to cope with stress, further develop skills, improve self-esteem and confidence, and promote advancement from within the firm.

While we all get focused on our own tasks, most firms now embrace an open-door policy. Whether we seek out a “formal” mentor/mentee relationship or simply stop to chat in the hallway, there is value in asking questions, involving others, and educating each other wherever and whenever possible. We are stronger and mentally healthier through collaboration.

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This Wellness Tip was brought to you by the Quality of Life Subcommittee of the Primerus Quality Assurance Board and Featured Contributor Nicole Quintana. We also welcome your tips, which can be submitted to Paige Neirman at for publication consideration.