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Primerus helps member law firms develop relationships with fellow high-quality attorneys around the world as well as prospective clients, all with the goal of matching great attorneys with great clients.

Primerus was formed in 1992 as an international society of top-rated, independent, boutique law firms. Since then, Primerus has experienced tremendous success as it has worked to restore honor and dignity to the legal profession and to help rebuild the public’s trust in lawyers and the judicial system. Pursuing this goal was important then, and it’s even more vital today. Given the economic changes of recent years, it has never been more important for companies around the world to develop trusted relationships with lawyers and law firms that offer high-quality legal services at reasonable fees.

Six Pillars

All of our member attorneys commit to following the Six Pillars: Integrity, Excellent Work Product, Reasonable Fees, Continuing Legal Education, Civility, and Community Service. Through our commitment to these values, we have been able to attract and retain some of the world’s best law firms.

Quality Assurance

We seek out, screen and regularly audit our firms to make sure we have only the finest. We use all the ratings services available to us, including Martindale Hubbell, Best Lawyers, Chambers and Legal 500, to ensure the law firms we invite to join Primerus are the best in the world. And that is just the beginning. We then conduct a more extensive investigation of the firm, including attorney backgrounds, references and malpractice history checks. An independent accreditation board has the last word on admission and retention of members, resulting in a high quality standard that’s applied universally to all members. Another board oversees quality assurance to more specifically define the high standards embodied within the Six Pillars and to help firms live by those standards in everyday practice.

We do all this because we want our clients to have assurance that whenever they reach out to a Primerus firm, they will get nothing but the best. We’re confident our strict guidelines ensure this is true. In fact, The Wall Street Journal has compared Primerus to the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for law firms.

Global Partners

Primerus allows small and mid-sized law firms around the world to enjoy all the advantages of being small, while also giving them international connections to help them compete in an increasingly global marketplace. By joining together, we offer clients the advantages of small and mid-sized law firms – personalized partner level service, fewer conflicts of interest, reasonable fees and the flexibility that comes with less overhead and bureaucracy. But we also offer clients the advantages of big law firms with global connections that offer possibilities to partner with the best law firms around the world.

With nearly 200 firms in 40 countries, Primerus can help clients find quality representation anywhere. Primerus members report more and more opportunities for collaboration with fellow member firms around the world given the increasing global business marketplace.

Primerus stands apart from other law firm alliances. Primerus is a society, a family, of the world’s best law firms who are committed to clients above all. While many lawyers are focused on billable hours and income, our lawyers are focused on delivering outstanding services to their clients at reasonable rates.

If you would like to join Primerus and allow us to help you attract new clients, gain referrals and help your law firm grow, please call us at 800.968.2211.

International Society of Primerus Law Firms
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