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Bankruptcy Practice Group

Primerus business law firms have collaborated to provide bankruptcy legal services that could otherwise only be offered by the largest of law firms, while providing “hands on” representation by seasoned lawyers – without the large law firm price tag.

The Bankruptcy practice group includes members who have bankruptcy experience and are Electronic Case Filing admitted counsel, which is required in multiple jurisdictions, offering you access to bankruptcy legal services across the country.

Businesses often get drawn into bankruptcy cases which may be pending in other states. Business owners and in-house counsel may be confronted with a variety of situations including:

  • Recovery of claims from debtor companies
  • Enforcement of security interests in debtor companies
  • Offers to purchase claims
  • Demands for return of alleged preferential payments received within 90 days of the filing
  • Allegations that assets acquired from debtors are fraudulent conveyances
  • Necessity to file proofs of claim
  • Need to analyze the risk of doing business with Chapter 11 debtors
  • Assumption of rejection of leases or executory contracts
  • Desire to purchase assets out of the bankruptcy estate
  • Stay relief
  • Cash collateral

Federal bankruptcy law is very complex and recently was amended extensively. The Bankruptcy practice group has a core group of very experienced bankruptcy attorneys located in several jurisdictions throughout the United States including California, New York and Delaware who can provide bankruptcy representation for matters pending in their jurisdictions. Each of these attorneys spends a substantial portion of their practice on bankruptcy matters and has particular knowledge of the bankruptcy procedures and practices in their local courts. They can act either as local counsel to provide local practice experience to existing counsel, or they can act as lead counsel in a local bankruptcy matter.


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Chad Alvaro, Esq. (Mateer Harbert - Orlando, FL)

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Stephen Williamson, Esq (Gordon Arata - Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA)
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