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Yamamoto Caliboso LLC Firm Overview

Yamamoto Caliboso is a law firm in Honolulu, Hawaii concentrating principally on real estate, finance, business, utilities, telecommunications and energy law matters.

All of our attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative, high-quality legal representation and counseling. Our size enables our principals to be intimately involved in all client matters, ensuring that our clients receive representation by the attorneys they have hired.

Yamamoto Caliboso’s principals honed their skills at other prominent Hawaii law firms and founded Yamamoto Caliboso on the principle that our firm be committed to providing our clients with excellent legal representation coupled with flexibility and customized service.

As a boutique law firm focusing on particular areas of the law, we are mindful that our clients may have needs requiring services beyond those we offer. To ensure that our clients receive the very best representation in other specialized areas of the law, we have developed alliances and close working relationships with other outstanding law firms and attorneys in Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland and Asia, to assist us with various matters, such as tax law, employment law, intellectual property law and complex litigation.