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Raleigh Business Lawyer

The Raleigh business litigation attorney professionals of Smith Debnam are skilled litigators in North Carolina. The experienced Raleigh business lawyer professionals are skilled in several areas of NC business law and work diligently to defend clients best interests. In North Carolina, the Raleigh business litigation attorney professionals bring or defend suits for business clients in areas concerning:

  • Financial Services
  • Contract Disputes
  • Construction Claims
  • Business Transactions Lawyer
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Franchise and Trademark Violations

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Raleigh Business Litigation Attorney Committed to Clients

Smith Debnam was established in 1972 with a simple, straightforward goal: to solve the legal problems of clients.

As the Raleigh business litigation lawyer professionals continue to pursue that goal, Smith Debnam is able to recognize that knowing the law is not enough. It is true that the Raleigh NC business attorney professionals strive to excel in North Carolina business law, are well regarded by peer legal professionals, and in many instances board certified. However, the Raleigh business litigation lawyer professionals have a commitment that goes beyond cases and courts.

The North Carolina business attorney professionals of Smith Debnam believe that effectively solving clients’ problems begins with a true understanding of the clients themselves. The people and companies that put legal needs in the care of Raleigh business litigation lawyer professionals deserve to work with professionals that are available, easy to talk to and responsive as a rule rather than an afterthought.

Find a Reputable Raleigh Business Litigation Lawyer at Smith Debnam in North Carolina:

  • Stephanie F. Bynum, Esq.
  • Connie Elder Carrigan, Esq.
  • W. Thurston Debnam, Jr., Esq.
  • Franklin Drake, Esq.
  • Samuel D. Fleder, Esq.
  • Beth B. Godfrey, Esq.
  • Adam M. Gottsegen, Esq.
  • Thomas A. Gray, Esq.
  • Gary H. Groon, Jr., Esq.
  • Lynn Wilson Lupton, Esq.
  • Amanda Bryant Mason, Esq.
  • Jerry T. Myers, Esq.
  • John W. Narron, Esq.
  • Max R. Rodden, Esq.
  • Jeff D. Rogers, Esq.
  • Bettie Kelley Sousa, Esq.
  • John M. Sperati, Esq.
  • Rose H. Stout, Esq.
  • Christina McAlpin Taylor, Esq.
  • Alicia Jurney Whitlock, Esq.
  • Lauren V. Reeves, Esq.
  • Byron L. Saintsing, Esq.

Highly Qualified Raleigh Business Litigation Attorney Professionals

The Raleigh NC business litigation lawyer professionals of Smith Debnam capitalize on the efficiencies of electronic filing in all three federal jurisdictions within North Carolina, and are often able to instantaneously notify clients when pleadings, motions and orders are entered. Smith Debnam has a distinct reputation for working with clients to create positive outcomes for Raleigh business litigation clients.The North Carolina business litigation attorney professionals have considerable practice in North Carolina’s District Court and Superior Court, and at the appellate level in both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Raleigh Business Litigation Lawyer Skilled in Results

  • Business Start-up – Legal counsel is frequently advisable in determining which business structure will best fit the needs of a business or when restructuring an established business. Whether Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Corporation or Limited Liability Company; an attorney experienced in North Carolina Business Law can help.
  • Dissolution of a Business – Many issues arise for, and many options are available to, business owners who are looking to wind down their business. Consulting an experienced Raleigh business lawyer will assist in identifying the relevant issues and crafting the best strategy from the available options to either transfer or dissolve a business entity and its assets.
  • Business Law Litigation – Legal disputes often arise regarding contracts, partnerships, employees, insurance, commercial property, and other issues between businesses. Consulting with a qualified Raleigh business lawyer at Smith Debnam may often help resolve disputes outside of litigation. However, when litigation is unavoidable, or becomes the best course of action to resolve a business dispute, the experienced NC business litigation lawyers can handle every aspect of your litigation.
  • Transactional Law – Nearly every business transaction involves many legal aspects, from research and due diligence to contract negotiation and final closing. The Raleigh business lawyer professionals have the experience to help you get a transaction done right, and to protect your rights in the event something may go wrong down the road.
  • Commercial Real Estate and Investments – The unique aspects of law that govern the purchase, development, sale and management of property are all familiar to the Raleigh business attorney professionals of Smith Debnam. Whether putting a project together or managing your current holdings, Smith Debnam can serve your needs.
  • Employment Law – As every business has employees, they also have employment law needs. From consultation on policy and risk prevention, to advice during problems and disputes, the Raleigh business lawyer teams of Smith Debnam are prepared to serve the legal issues you face.

Professional Advice From A Raleigh Business Litigation Lawyer in North Carolina - Contact Us
Speak With A Knowledgeable Raleigh NC Business Litigation Lawyer - Call: 919-250-2000

Effective Raleigh Business Litigation Attorney in North Carolina

The Raleigh business attorney professionals of Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers provide cost effective legal solutions that are unsurpassed by other North Carolina business litigation firms. The Raleigh business lawyer professionals offer a comprehensive practice that emphasizes representation for businesses and professionals, as well as some individuals and families. The Raleigh NC business litigation attorney professionals are dedicated to maintaining a reputation for loyalty, integrity, and civility.

Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP attorneys practicing in the area of Business Law: