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Sauti & Company Firm Overview

We provide creatively and strategically tailored legal services that meet our clients’ unique need in order to ensure cost effective solutions that bring satisfaction and fairness. We apply internationally recognized legal practice management technologies in the course of our service delivery to ensure data protection, efficiency and continuity of our clients, business. With this, we are able to blend with our client and operate like a department within our clients business.

Who We Are

We are an elite law firm with a team of qualified personnel which commenced on 1st September, 2015 under the sole management of Mr Ralph Sauti Jr, a licensed legal practitioner. Situated along Victoria Avenue in Delamere House (5th floor). Our Services include; advisory, negotiating and drafting commercial transactions, litigation and training.

Our Goal

To be a responsive, reliable, tailored and predictable legal partner to our clients thereby making them favorably carry out their core functions or compete on the market by offering diverse legal solutions that advance our clients’ goals.

Our Value

We have expertise in civil and commercial law. We provide services in a manner that our clients are able to follow, with real time reporting. We have a specialized team assigned to handle needs of clients.