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Amsterdam Lay-off Lawyer

The Amsterdam lay-off attorneys at Russell Advocaten B.V. represent business clients in all aspects of European and international labour and employment law. The Amsterdam lay-off lawyers assist business clients in lay-off allegations involving collective dismissal, discrimination, dismissal due to unsatisfactory performance, mass lay-offs, termination of employment agreements and financial compensation issues. Employees are highly protected in the Netherlands, which makes hiring and firing a challenge.

Experienced Amsterdam Lay-off Attorney

The Amsterdam lay-off lawyers have experience assisting business clients in lay-off issues involving:

  • Preventative Dismissal Assessment
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Dismissal on the Spot
  • UWV Procedures
  • Dismissal Permit
  • Termination of Employment Agreement
  • Collective Dismissal
  • Mass Lay-Offs
  • Trade Unions
  • Financial Compensation Issues
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Harassment Claims

The Amsterdam lay-off attorneys use a comprehensive approach to effectively negotiate settlement offers in the employer's best interests. The Amsterdam lay-off lawyers devote substantial time and resources to develop strong lay-off defense strategies for clients and are well-prepared to secure successful verdicts before a jury or judge. The Amsterdam lay-off attorneys have the expertise to help clients navigate through Dutch labor law obstacles.

Trusted Amsterdam Lay-off Lawyer

An experienced Amsterdam lay-off lawyer at Russell Advocaten B.V. can help navigate the details of The Netherlands labor and employment law. The firm’s team of reputable Amsterdam lay-off attorneys carefully analyze each lay-off case and form sound strategies to efficiently manage the client’s case. For a dedicated Amsterdam lay-off attorney, trust Russell Advocaten B.V. to deliver quality representation in the field of labor law.

Russell Advocaten B.V. attorneys practicing in the area of Lay-off Law: