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Amsterdam Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer at Russell Advocaten B.V. specializes in complex (international) divorce proceedings and restructuring of assets for director and major shareholders (dga) and affluent private individuals where financial and business interests are at stake. Russell Advocaten B.V. also has expert (vFAS) mediators and divorce mediators, so that divorce mediation is possible as well. Where necessary, an Amsterdam divorce lawyer can immediately engage tax experts and other professional advisors.

An Amsterdam divorce lawyer represents business clients in divorce matters, including:

  • Position of the director and major shareholder (dga)
  • Mediation and divorce mediation
  • Divorce
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Estate planning
  • Will
  • Maintenance
  • Authority en access rights
  • Settlement (general community property regime, prenuptial agreement)
  • Divorce agreement
  • Division of estates
  • Pension benefits equalization
  • Samenlevingscontract (cohabitation agreement)
  • Registered partnership