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Growing up in Winnipeg, PJ was never one to back down from a challenge (e.g. trying to waterski when he could not swim). This drive lead PJ to join the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba to pursue an Honours Degree in Political Sciences. This plan was sidetracked when prior to completing his last year, PJ was poached by the Faculty of Law and went on to earn his Juris Doctor of Law in 2013. PJ then joined his Debtors and Creditors professor, Tom Frohlinger, at PFK, and moved to Morden-Winkler to Article under Gordon Hoeschen and work at the company's offices there to better serve the expanding Pembina Valley area.

PJ believes that communication is essential in order to provide the best service to his clients, and this allows him provide the best results to his clients with the skills and knowledge accumulated over a lifetime of learning. These skills were earned over 30 years, beginning with family businesses, and refined while working in the areas of retail, accounting, corporate training, managing a restaurant. PJ has also been practicing in several areas since his Call to the Bar in 2014, and whether it's a first time client, or in acting as counsel for the City of Morden, PJ always does his best.

Prior to his career in the legal field, back when he had spare time, PJ would read voraciously, travel for both work and pleasure, and volunteered with several organizations including the Legal Help Centre and Legal Aid.

Areas of Practice:

  • Commercial Real Estate and Construction
  • Domestic and Family Law
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Wills, Estates, and Elder Law
  • Criminal Law


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