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Kenya Energy Lawyer

A Kenya energy lawyer at Njoroge Regeru & Company represent individuals and businesses in a variety of matters involving energy law. Energy touches virtually every aspect of our commercial, social and personal lives. Little wonder therefore that its production, consumption, and regulation present constantly evolving opportunities and legal challenges for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Kenya Energy Law Firm

In order to transform itself into a newly industrializing middle income country by the year 2030, with a globally competitive and prosperous economy, Kenya has identified and invested heavily in the Energy Sector as a key enabler to achieving this vision. Electricity, Petroleum and Renewable Energy (wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro) have been identified as the sub-sectors presenting the highest potential currently. Presently, Kenya relies wholly on the importation of all its petroleum requirements. Further, its electricity generation is predominately hydro, supplemented by geothermal and thermal sources. Apart from wood fuel which is over-exploited, the other renewable energy resources, though abundant, have not been exploited fully. The Kenya energy lawyers are well-versed in the areas of energy law and provide experienced representation.

Major Discoveries

The discovery of oil in the Northern part of Kenya and gas along its coastal line has generated much excitement with talk of boosted economic prospects. Progress is steaming ahead at the country's largest geothermal site, 80km north-west of Nairobi as the government has also set the ambitious target of producing 5,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity by the year 2016. Naturally, a great effort must be put into understanding the legal, technical and commercial aspects of development of the energy sub-sectors. Why? Because businesses involved in the energy industry or non-energy businesses confronted with energy issues will seek new opportunities and need creative solutions to the diverse and complex issues that they will inevitably encounter.

Legal and business challenges will impact owners, operators, developers, lenders, investors, and consumers in matters related to oil and gas, alternative renewable energy, power and electric and mining of natural resources. All these factors make this an exciting industry to work in, and one that requires its advisers to have sector–specific knowledge backed up by a global resource capability.

Where do we come in?

At Njoroge Regeru & Company, our Kenya litigation attorneys are keenly aware of the legal needs and challenges inherent in this all-important Energy sector, hence the capacities and resources that we have set aside to address and meet these needs and challenges. Should you need any Energy Law advice, please contact Njoroge Regeru & Company.