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Ed is a senior associate in the employment team at Marriott Harrison. Ed covers all aspects of employment law and works with all sorts of businesses, ranging from tech start-ups to PLCs and to smaller London offices of overseas companies. Typically his work will include advising on terminations, restructurings and redundancies, grievances, discrimination, Employment Tribunal litigation, bonuses, drafting contracts and handbooks and TUPE.

Ed enjoys getting to know the ins and outs of how clients operate ‘on the ground’ and understanding their own in-house culture. He believes that the better I know a client, the more intuitive and pragmatic my advice can be.

Ed often works with corporate colleagues as part of transaction teams to identify employment risks, mitigate any such risks through the use of warranties & indemnities and negotiate key employment agreements such as service agreements and settlement agreements.

Holds significant experience in helping out senior individuals when they are negotiating an exit, where there’s a dispute about bonuses or other payments and where an individual has exposed internal wrongdoing or called out unacceptable behaviours (whistleblowing). Ed has also led various client training sessions including in respect of responding to subject access requests and unfair dismissal (and how to avoid unfair dismissals!).