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Perth Bankruptcy Lawyer

The Perth bankruptcy lawyers at Mann Lawyers LLP represent debtors and creditors in insolvency and bankruptcy cases. Whether you are a debtor seeking advice before filing an assignment, a creditor attempting to collect from a debtor who seems unwilling or unable to pay, or a trustee in bankruptcy facing a challenge from a creditor or a debtor trying to hide assets, the Perth bankruptcy lawyers have extensive experience and are ready to support you with accurate advice and forceful representation.

Experienced Perth Insolvency Lawyer

Mann Lawyers provides guidance and expertise in bankruptcy and insolvency matters involving:

  • Advice on assignments, proposals, and reorganizations
  • Legal opinions for trustees
  • Bankruptcy Court representation
  • Negotiation and settlement with creditors
  • Surplus income disputes
  • Alleged Fraudulent Transactions or preferences
  • Seeking discharge of student loans
  • Complex commercial insolvency and receiverships
  • Referrals to trustees for filing of assignments and proposals

Trusted Perth Bankruptcy Law Firm

The Perth bankruptcy lawyers at Mann Lawyers LLP have represented clients in virtually all types of distressed financial situations. For experienced representation in a bankruptcy or insolvency matter, contact the Perth bankruptcy lawyers at Mann Lawyers LLP in Canada.