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Mo Abdrabboh has earned the respect of the global community through his exceptional work on legal issues ranging from advocacy to commercial and corporate compliance and is known as a healthcare industry legal leader.  

Mo Abdrabboh is Of Counsel in Mandelbaum Barrett’s Healthcare Practice where his practice focuses on general business litigation and disputes as well as healthcare compliance. In the healthcare compliance space, Abdrabboh has represented dozens of health care providers related to state and federal regulatory issues, the Anti-Kickback Statue and other aspects relating health care fraud including reviewing or creating compliance programs, state and federal billing audits and contractual arrangements that are the subject of OIG scrutiny. He also advises clients on everything from drafting operating agreements through shareholder disputes that end in litigation. He has represented hundreds of clients before the courts in Wayne County and the Eastern District of Michigan.

On the criminal side, Abdrabboh has represented dozens of physicians, pharmacists, and commercial business owners regarding allegations of billing for services not rendered, violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute, self-referral arrangements, home health care fraud, unbundling by charging multiple codes, upcoding, overutilization and prescription drug fraud allegations that result in drug diversion conspiracy charges.

Prior to his most recent work in Michigan, Abdrabboh worked abroad as General Counsel for the Dubai Multi-Commodities Center (DMCC) a wholly owned Dubai government company. Abdrabboh lead the legal department in advising the Dubai government entity on all legal matters including but not limited to best business practices, internal and external legal policy, Free Zone regulations, propriety law, DMCC’s contentious legal matters, and compliance with federal, local and international regulatory requirements. In addition to managing over $500 million worth of litigation for the company, Abdrabboh collaborated with external counsel on a variety of legal issues. External counsel consisted of the largest law firms in the world where sensitive and rapidly changing areas of law were handled.

Upon joining the DMCC, Abdrabboh was instrumental in representing the Dubai Government on restructuring their respective debt with creditors after the worldwide financial crisis of 2009. Abdrabboh had a leading role in providing an overhaul to DMCC’s corporate registration rules and process as well as the implementation of anti-money laundering regulations.

As General Counsel for the DMCC, Abdrabboh was appointed for the role of Kimberley Process representative for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this position, he was responsible for guiding policy creation for the $10 billion per annum diamond industry. Additionally, Abdrabboh counseled on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines as they relate to the commodities industry, compliance, and industry trends. Through his work and consultation with the USA State Department he became well acquainted with all issues relating to conflict minerals and gold including the applicability and impact of the Dodd Frank Act, anti-bribery, and anti-kickback legislation.  Abdrabboh frequently met with officials of foreign governments to ensure compliance or enforcement relating to the diamond trade. The DMCC has awarded Abdrabboh with the Exceptional Performer Award in each full year he was employed.

Abdrabboh’s depth of experience in matters pertaining to global business and the Middle East have received attention from an array of publications, including by the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and others. He has also been a featured commentator on CNN’s Morning Show, Dateline NBC, and 60 Minutes. Abdrabboh has also been featured as a guest speaker at dozens of American universities, including Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and Notre Dame.

Mohammed Abdrabboh is a third-generation Arab-American. He is fluent in both English and Arabic.

Areas of Practice

  • Healthcare