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Muhsine Tülin Kavasoğlu has extensive experience in all kinds of disputes within real estate law, including expropriation, confiscation without expropriation, projects in which the state and administrative institutions are stakeholders, dissolution of partnership, urban transformation and lease disputes.

In addition to being a lawyer, Muhsine Tülin Kavasoğlu also works as a concordat commissioner and actuarial expert. With over 37 years of experience in litigation, enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, Muhsine Tülin Kavasoğlu offers solutions to her clients in complicated and unprecedented disputes. With his experience and work ethics in dispute resolution, he is seen as one of the most reliable and respected lawyers in Turkey both in the judicial circles and in the sectors within his field of expertise.

Muhsine Tülin Kavasoğlu actively supports local and foreign clients in the fields of company law, family law, inheritance law, health law, labor law and criminal law. Muhsine Tülin Kavasoğlu still continues to work as the managing partner of our office. He is also a registered mediator.

In addition to her professional career, Muhsine Tülin Kavasoğlu also served as a criminal law CMK instructor, Bursa Bar Association Executive Board member and instructor, and Bursa Bar Association Disciplinary Board member.