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JK GROUP d.o.o. Firm Overview


We share a passion to be able to protect the legal and tax interests of our valued clients, enable them to successfully operate and grow their company, and to live their entrepreneurial dreams together.


To be an internationally recognized law firm for faster growing companies operating in multiple countries. To offer high legal certainty and high added value to our customers. To be a true partner and key co-creator of companies' success.


Our mission is to protect directors, entrepreneurs, businessmen so that they can realize their dreams. Legal security is not a matter of drawing up a contract, but of the lawyer's permanent cooperation with the company. Daily, weekly, monthly continuous consultation and decision-making on how to do business in a legally secure manner.

Therefore, our mission to the company is to regulate the business so that it is legally secure and tax optimized. Through close cooperation and legal custody of the company's operations, we save time and problems that could arise. Our task is to take care of the client legally and fiscally, so that disputes do not arise in court and before inspections (90% of our work), but if this does occur, these disputes are resolved more quickly (10% of our work). This saves the company's energy so that it can focus on its main activity, sales, company growth, employees and successful business.

Together we create a successful business. Being legally secure can be a decisive competitive advantage.