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Hackman Hulett LLP Firm Overview

Hackman Hulett LLP originally was founded in 1929 as Thompson Rabb & Stevenson. With more than 90 years of experience in multiple areas of law, our firm strives to exceed client expectations. Hackman Hulett LLP attorneys preserve clients’ personal confidence and trust while providing high-quality, timely, cost-effective service.

Our skilled attorneys counsel corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations that engage in a variety of business transactions, including transfer pricing agreements, high-level employment contracts and mergers and acquisitions. We represent clients before federal, state, and local administrative agencies. We handle litigation as well as arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. While we are best known for business and real estate law, we also advise and represent clients in estate planning, healthcare, criminal defense, pipelines, professional license defense, and more.

Our business-oriented law firm focuses on providing high-quality legal work in select practice areas. We go especially deep in certain areas such as business law and real estate law. By focusing our practice, we maintain a size that engenders successful and cost-effective relationships. Some of our longest client relationships span many decades.

Success as a small law firm requires having the right people. All our attorneys graduated at or near the top of their law school classes or have otherwise distinguished themselves as exceptional attorneys. Not only are Hackman Hulett LLP attorneys bright and competent in their respective practice areas, but they also possess interpersonal skills that allow them to work effectively together. Here, the same one or two attorneys—often partners in the firm—will follow a case from beginning to end. Our clients value this straightforward, personalized approach.