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Sonora International Arbitration Lawyer

International arbitration is a tool to overcome borders in international disputes. As national judgments are often not recognized abroad, the integration of an arbitration clause into international contracts is a must. On the basis of the 1958 New York Convention on recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, arbitration awards can be enforced worldwide. There are various kinds of arbitration and over 1000 arbitration institutions in the world. The Primerus lawyers are fluent in all of the relevant ones, assisting in the drafting or arbitration clauses, as well as acting either as counsel or as arbitrator.

Experienced Sonora International Arbitration Attorney

Sonora international arbitration lawyers are well versed in the laws surrounding international disputes. International arbitration laws help to neutralize the conflicts and issues of dealing with different judicial systems and practices between countries. The barriers presented when dealing with different languages, cultures, and currencies can present unique challenges in resolving international legal disputes.

Trusted Sonora International Arbitration Law Firm

The Primerus team of International Arbitration Lawyers takes a distinct international perspective, paired with corresponding personal intercultural experience. An established network of diligently selected law firms and experts in all major markets worldwide enables us to handle any type of cross-border transaction rapidly, skillfully and effectively. Resolving cross border international disputes requires a great respect and understanding of local laws and customs, and the dynamic team of international arbitration lawyers are here to help with your case.

Coleman & Horowitt, LLP attorneys practicing in the area of International Arbitration Law: