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Medini Angammana is a personal injury lawyer whose need to be a voice for the voiceless is rooted in her passion for the law. The injustices she witnessed growing up, particularly those suffered by the more vulnerable in society, ensure that empathy is at the forefront of her legal work.

Since joining the firm in 2021, Medini has been able to enhance her understanding of compensation law. She strives to continually expand her own knowledge, so she is able to assist people with a variety of complex legal issues. For Medini legal expertise coupled with diligence and compassion are key in helping those that have faced hardship and getting them the best possible outcome.

Currently, her work focuses on bringing claims on behalf of those who have suffered childhood abuse. Medini ensures to take a trauma-informed approach to allow abuse survivors to feel more comfortable during the legal process. She has recently begun work in a broad range of personal injury matters including public liability, medical negligence, workers’ compensation, work injury damages, and motor vehicle accident claims.

Medini is also dedicated to the protection of animals and the application of legal practice to enhance animal rights. She regularly contributes to work that aims to protect stray dogs in Sri Lanka and is currently involved in establishing a non-profit animal rescue based in Sri Lanka.

“I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give someone is our undivided attention. Particularly, for abuse survivors that may feel as though their story doesn’t matter, a moment recognising their perseverance through adversity can make a big difference. No matter what the nature of the legal issue may be, the first step in helping people navigate the complexities of the law, is to listen to their story.”

Key Professional Achievements

  • Medini joined Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers in 2021. She started her career in law with the firm as a law clerk, gaining industry experience across her work within immigration and abuse law.
  • Medini graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) majoring in Criminology from Macquarie University.
  • She obtained a Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law in 2023.
  • In July 2023, Medini was admitted as a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.