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Barton LLP Firm Overview

Barton LLP, a law firm with offices in New York and Tennessee, is comprised of an elite team of former partners of “Big Law” who have joined together to create a progressive law firm. To us, legal services are business services, and our attorneys and staff are business people serving business clients to advance their business goals.

Our mission is to provide our sophisticated corporate, financial services, investment fund and entrepreneurial clients with the highest quality legal services delivered in an effective and efficient manner. We accomplish this because we are an organization that does not follow the traditional multi-layered and leveraged law firm model. We believe that a better product, value and client experience is achieved by providing our clients with highly skilled senior attorneys who work directly on their matters with appropriate support from a strong, but lean team of associate attorneys and staff.

We are committed to developing long-term relationships by partnering with our clients so that we thoroughly understand their organizations, objectives and long-term goals. We offer in-house training programs to our clients and take a proactive approach to reviewing clients’ business practices, contracts and relationships to avoid or reduce the incidents of litigation and risk whenever possible.

Our firm structure and experience allow us to offer a wide array of alternative fee arrangements. We understand that hourly billing is frequently not in our client’s best interest, nor does it necessarily represent the value of our services. Our clients provide their goods and services in a competitive marketplace, and yet they rarely, if ever, use an hourly based pricing model. We know that clients have to manage their resources and create efficiencies to stay within budget – and they want lawyers who are able to do the same.

711 Third Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(212) 687-6262

611 Commerce Street, Suite 2603
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 340-6790