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Written By: Dennis J. Alessi, Esq.

Mandelbaum Salsburg

West Orange, New Jersey

For decades, large employers with sophisticated human resource management departments have required that all their non-union employees sign agreements which mandate them to arbitrate any disputes relating to their employment (e.g. sexual or other harassment, wrongful termination, equal pay claims, and the like).

Employers want to contractually bind their employees to arbitrate such disputes, as opposed to a lawsuit in court, because there are numerous advantages for employers in arbitration.

Arbitration refers to private, dispute resolution as an alternative to traditional courts. A case is heard by an arbitrator, who conducts a hearing, similar to a trial in court, but less formal and, obviously, without a jury. Arbitrators are typically attorneys who specialize in employment law, retired judges, specialists in human resource management, or law school or graduate school professors.



Why All Employers Should Have Arbitration Agreements With Their Employees


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