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By: Katie Bundyra

There’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note in the mail. What used to be a common occurrence has now become a novelty. In this technology age, the art of handwriting notes often falls by the wayside because life moves fast, and we often prioritize speed and efficiency over value. Don’t get me wrong, connecting with friends, colleagues, and clients via email, text, or video chat is great; connection is a good thing. But there is nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note on your desk or in your mailbox.

What Makes Handwritten Notes So Special?

First and foremost, it shows how much you care. When you take the time to handwrite and send a note in the mail, that person is assured that you have spent the time to think about them and show your appreciation for their efforts toward you. Essentially, you are letting the recipient know that they are on your mind, that they are important, and that you care about their well-being.

Secondly, a handwritten note requires your full and undivided attention. It takes time to give it a personal touch. You need to consider the content carefully by including notes specific to the recipient rather than only including generic sentiments like thinking of you or thank you. Additionally, you actually have to use your untapped penmanship skills to make the note legible or even attractive to read. Then, when that person receives a note from you, even if you are just checking in, they know that you have taken time out of your day to put literal pen to paper simply to connect with them.

Why Should You Spend the Time Now?

With so many of us being quarantined to our homes the majority of the day, every day, for what feels like an infinite number of weeks, writing a note can be both therapeutic and uplifting for the writer and the recipient in a time when there is so much isolation.

One might ask how this applies to the professional arena? Easy. We all know that every client and prospect should be treated with the same respect and care that you would give a friend, right? That is what sets Primerus attorneys apart –Good People Who Happen to Be Good Lawyers.  By sending these notes, you are showing the recipient that you care about him or her as a friend. You are effectively strengthening and reinforcing the personal relationship that is so important. So, consider taking the time out of your day to spin the old Rolodex or scroll through contacts in your phone to identify clients, prospects, or your fellow Primerus members and reach out. Many of these individuals are dealing with the harsh realities of the Coronavirus, and the impact that it has on their companies. A simple note to ask how they are doing goes a long way.

This gesture will be remembered and valued, putting you top of mind the next time they are looking for guidance and counsel.