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Written By: Dennis J. Alessi, Esq.

Mandelbaum Salsburg

West Orange, New Jersey

The term social media refers to at least six different forms or means of interactive communication on the internet where individuals meet (virtually) to post, share and exchange communications. The content can be any subject or issue, from gossip or griping about what happened at work that day, to serious discussions about world affairs. Some social networks, such as Facebook, lend themselves to chit-chat and day-to-day gossip, while other networks, like Linkedln, focus on business related issues.

Social media: A real problem for employers

Social media can be a real problem for any employer. The most obvious problem - employees chatting on social media during the work day instead of doing their jobs - is actually the easiest problem to address. Employers can adopt and enforce a personnel policy prohibiting employees from accessing social media sites when at work, except when on their own time (e.g. lunch) and only with their own devices.


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