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On May 6, 2012, the Committee on Proctor Admissions and the Board of Directors of the Maritime Law Association of the United States advised Ryan Eslinger that he had been unanimously approved as a Proctor in Admiralty.

The Proctor designation is used by the MLA in recognition of the most distinguished class of practicing maritime lawyers. Proctor status is the initial step in MLA leadership.

"Proctor" is of ancient origin and historically applied to lawyers entitled to handle maritime litigation. Derived from the Roman word "Procurator," it was translated into English as "Proctor" when the 13th century Admiralty Courts were given jurisdiction over disputes within the Royal Navy and also purely commercial matters. The designation continued in the American colonies and up to 1966 when the Admiralty Rules and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were unified.

The objectives of MLA, founded in 1899, is to advance reforms in the Maritime Law of the United States, to facilitate justice in its administration, to promote uniformity in its enactment and interpretation, to furnish a forum for the discussion and consideration of problems affecting the Maritime Law and its administration, to participate as a constituent member of the Comité Maritime International and as an affiliated organization of the American Bar Association, and to act with other associations in efforts to bring about a greater harmony in the shipping laws, regulations and practices of different nations.

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