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The International Society of Primerus law firms is proud to announce the appointment of the Chairman of its International Dispute Resolution Practice Group (IDR PG), Professor Dr. Eckart Brödermann (University of Hamburg, LL.M./Harvard, Maître en Droit/Paris V, FCIArb/London) of the Primerus member Brödermann & Jahn in Hamburg as one of the three managing directors of the worldwide active Chinese European Arbitration Centre (“CEAC”). The Chinese European Arbitration Centre is an initiative of the Hamburg Bar and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, under the patronship of the Hamburg Minister of Justice, jointly created in 2008 with the support of 470 supporters from 47 nations around the globe including, e.g. the managing partner Caroline Berube of the Chinese Primerus member HJM Asia law and the imminent past Chair of the IDR PG, Dr. Bernhard Meyer of the Swiss Primerus member MME Partners. By this appointment, Eckart will be actively involved in the administration of international China related arbitration proceedings from around the globe and the continuing development of case management standards for this new global arbitration centre tailor made for China related business. This office as Managing Director is an interim one and, as a result, his position as President of the CEAC’s nonprofit shareholder “Chinese European Legal Association” will be suspended for that time period.

Prof. Eckart Brödermann commented: “It is fantastic to observe that CEAC is becoming a success and this earlier than expected. With the first major arbitration proceedings pending only about 3 ½ years after its establishment, the time has come for CEAC to lay the ground for truly international case management tailored to international disputes in connection with China-related business. I will contribute energetically to this important task applying my extensive practical experience in international commercial arbitration and management of complex disputes from many different jurisdictions over the last 25 years. CEAC will further expand its Management with assistance from Greater China and other countries of the world. For the moment, it is important to develop international state-of-the-art standards so that CEAC will be perceived positively around the globe not only for its special and unique concept of “sensed neutrality” – with an equal share to Chinese, European and worldwide interests in the Appointing Authority -, but also for the quality of its work. I am thrilled to work with the network of experts in the Advisory Board which includes, e.g., Hew Dundas, a former President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and to connect with the CEAC ambassadors such as Dr. Bernhard Meyer of MME Partners (Switzerland), the immediate past chair of IDR PG.”

Hew Dundas, Chairman of the international CEAC Advisory Board with members from China, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland comments: “I warmly endorse these very positive steps forward. I have been involved in the CEAC Board since 2008 and we will ensure that the appropriate culture will apply at CEAC’s operational level to integrate the very wide international expertise in the CEAC Board into its case management systems. These various developments put CEAC comfortably ahead of its targets.”

Ann Creelman, Senior Vice President of the Primerus International Division, comments: “It is positive to observe that Primerus is growing internationally and that we can bring experience such as the ones of Eckart or Bernhard to the work of our practice groups. Within the client focused world of Primerus, the CEAC approach can be used as an example for the more general theme of cross-cultural arbitration which is exactly the kind of topics which we expect the IDR PG to cope with as it grows.”

About the Primerus International Dispute Resolution Practice Group
The International Dispute Resolution Practice Group of the International Society of Primerus law firms is (next to the International Transactions Practice Group and the Outside Corporate Counsel Practice Group) one of the international core groups through which Primerus strives to bundle the international competences of its member firms. It concentrates on issues of international litigation and arbitration which any client of any of the Primerus member firms may need to cover in any country of the world where it is doing business. IDR PG is working around the globe and expected to grow considerably until the annual Primerus Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, on 1 November 2012 which, for the first time since the commencement of Primerus’ international growth in 2009, will include a truly global conference day integrating all the Primerus regions around the globe and all three international practice groups.

For more information on the Chinese European Arbitration Centre: see

For more information about Professor Dr. Eckart Broedermann of Broedermann & Jahn (Hamburg, Germany), please visit or the International Society of Primerus Law Firms.

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