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Reeves.Lauren.largeLauren V. Reeves concentrates her practice in the areas of real estate, foreclosures, and creditors’ rights. Lauren represents individuals and businesses in real estate matters, not only closing real estate transactions, but also advising her clients through purchasing, leasing, selling, financing and regarding title issues arising in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. She also represents lenders, acting as substitute trustee on behalf of secured parties in foreclosure and providing professional opinions for loan transactions and lien issues.

A Raleigh native, Lauren graduated with honors from North Carolina State University and received her Juris Doctor at Elon University School of Law. As a member of the Charter Class at Elon, Lauren co-founded, presided as president and served as philanthropic chair for the Women’s Law Association. Lauren is an active member and board member of the Wake County Bar Association and  10th Judicial District Bar, serves as Editor of the Wake County Bar Flyer, and serves on other committees.

1. Do you have a mentor? If yes, what has he or she done to help in your development as a practicing attorney?

I’m fortunate to have had a couple of mentors so far; one in particular is Lynn Wilson McNally. Lynn is a family law attorney and partner at Smith Debnam, and because her practice area is so different from mine, she brings an outsider’s view and insider’s perspective to both my professional and my personal development. From the start, we decided to meet outside the office – often over champagne, pizza or yoga. We established that what we say outside the office will stay outside the office, which allowed trust to build between us quickly; I feel very comfortable discussing my successes, frustrations or any general practice issues, and of course, questions about my career and development. She often reminds me to “think like an owner” whenever I need to make a business decisions or work through an issue, so that I actively keep the business portion of the legal practice in mind so it becomes second nature by the time I own a practice.

2. What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is Charles Dickens in David Copperfield - "Never…be mean in anything; never be false; never be cruel. Avoid these three vices...and I can always be hopeful of you."

3. What do you do to unwind after a tough week at work?

I have to mix it up. Lately, I’ve been doing kettlebell and weight training workouts. The high intensity leaves me feeling both exhausted and blissful, and certainly outweighs the blisters and calluses. I enjoy practicing yoga as well because of the amount of concentration it requires – great for when I really need to clear my head. A glass of champagne with friends or family might be my favorite way; we should all celebrate more.

4. What’s your favorite vacation destination?

So far, my favorite destination is Rome. It’s a beautiful city with gorgeous people; it is very cosmopolitan, with modern buildings next to ancient ruins. I still have many places to experience. I’d love to go on safari in South Africa.

For more information about Lauren Reeves and the law firm Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP, please visit the International Society of Primerus Law Firms.