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Russell Advocaten B.V.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reinier W.L. Russell, LL.M., managing partner of Russell Advocaten, has provided the column “Dealing with the Dutch” for the publication Parlementaire Agenda 2019. In addition to a calendar, this agenda contains information and many addresses that are of relevance for the political life in the Netherlands. Particular attention is always paid to the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

In his contribution Reinier Russell deals with the reasons why Amsterdam is so attractive for international business, as can be seen from the increasing number of companies that set up business and expats who settle in the city.

The Parlementaire Agenda is sent to the members of the Royal Family, States-General, cabinet, Council of State and the Supreme Court, among others. It is also distributed amongst members of the staff and high officials, as well as executive officers from the industry and important representatives of the social partners. You can order the agenda here.

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