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By Hance Law Avocats
Luxembourg, Luxembourg 

The new Luxembourg law on nationality was voted in favor by the parliament in February 9, 2017. It is in effect since April 1, 2017. The law mainly allows a Luxembourg resident to obtain the same civil and political rights possessed by a Luxembourg national.

Any person wishing to obtain the Luxembourg citizenship should reach the age of majority, which is eighteen (18) years old. Further to this requirement, some other conditions apply. The person who applies for the citizenship should have been a resident of Luxembourg for at least 5 consecutive years prior to their 18th birthday and should possess evidence regarding this fact. The 5th year of residence prior to the application should be without interruption. The residence requirement has been reduced from 7 years to 5 years as introduced by the new law.

Another condition is that one of their parents (non-Luxembourg national) has lived for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the applicant child’s birth.

Although, foreign residents who have spent seven years at a state school in Luxembourg and who have lived in the country for at least one year prior to the application, may acquire the nationality.

The applicant must have knowledge of the Luxembourgish language as evidenced by a language certificate showing the A2 level in oral expression and B1 level in comprehension. However, a compensation mechanism has been introduced, allowing a balance between both learning areas.

People who have been living in Luxembourg for 20 years or more can take a total of 24 hours of Luxembourgish lessons, without a need to take an exam. The 24-hour course must be organized by either the INLL or a provider whose program has been approved by the education ministry.

Candidates marrying a Luxembourger, can acquire the same nationality provided to the partner, with the condition that the couple has lived in Luxembourg for at least three consecutive years prior the application.

The course “Living together in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg” is also mandatory for whoever want to apply for the Luxembourgish nationality, and it consists of the following content: total of three modules. Six hours on Luxembourg history and European integration, twelve hours covering the state institutions, and six hours covering citizens' rights. Participants most pass a multiple-choice test regarding the topics mentioned.

Grant of citizenship is also conditioned on the person’s good moral standing and reputation. Applicants are disqualified for applying for the citizenship if they have been sentenced for a criminal offense for a term of one year or more, or have received a conditional sentence of two years or more.

The new law also allows the possibility of option for stateless persons and refugees.

With the new law now in place, it will be easier to obtain Luxembourgish nationality than before.

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